Pay attention to whom you elect. It is very difficult to find altruistic hearts to run for office. Who is part of the corporate takeover that walk the halls of the statehouse? Who is a part of the slippery group A.L.E.C. - American Legislative Exchange Council - which cares about “Corporations Over People?” It is collectively and ultimately groups such as these which work AGAINST our local businesses and the freedom of the middle class. Arbitration clauses that we must sign in order to get our smartphones, or enter nursing homes, are prime examples.

We are born with a right to trial! Signing these clauses takes away this fundamental right. Most of us today depend upon modern means of communication and nursing homes for rehabilitation and other necessities. There are ways to stop this. One of the most effective ways could be a ballot initiative such as: No Citizen of Massachusetts Shall Be Denied ANY Service for Refusing to Sign an Arbitration Clause.

If this were voted in at the polls (which it most certainly would be), we would find one immediate solution.