“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” – Thomas Jefferson

Truth is many times difficult to attain and can be shrouded in many gray areas of circumstance, yet if there is earnest effort and intent to broadcast truth (even if the press winds up being corrected), this is a patriotic duty being fulfilled.

Truth is what is actual. Common sense must be used when deciphering what is actually true versus opinion. Filtering out nonsense is part of being an independent thinker, and this must be followed by looking behind claims posited as truths which with little effort to check, prove false. Find out the origin and decide on the credibility of claims before you become part of the victimized team spreading false propaganda.

The human mind naturally wants to be part of a group. It is easy to join a bandwagon of sensationalism, yet humans also have a natural ability to be altruistic and should be selfless enough to admit their errors on past positions of opinion. Altruism is admired and required when admitting we could have been swept up in a wave of misinformation and were wrong.

Are you making sweeping statements today about your fellow citizens? Why? No human is perfect and we all have minds capable of being manipulated. Train yourself to be a leader and do the research needed to find out if media is sweeping you up with misinformation. Most humans I meet, wish to be thought of as independent thinkers.

Today propaganda has reached epidemic proportions that go unchecked and without enough consequence. We should not forget the history of Paul Joseph Goebbels. It may also be wise in this climate of propaganda to be students of George Orwell’s book “1984”.

Remember the motto: “United We Stand”

Truth unites us; false propaganda divides.